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guinea pigs
« on: July 07, 2002, 15:53 hrs »
sorry folks, I am using you as a test to see if I can provoke the system into crashing again with bsod's,windows protection errors and the like, which it did three times when I tried to poast before, so that I had to use another machine. I have re-installed ME over the top, uninstalled Vexira and Zone Alarm, and so far it is all behaving ok. A VxD I dont recognise still gets loaded at startup, called vsdata95.vxd ( I think), but if its a leftover from Vexira perhaps it wont be called. Happen I shall rename it and see what happens... well, I have got this far and nowt bad has happened so now I will try to poast.........

Gracie :)
Gracie :)