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Software DVD decoder for Quantex owners
« on: December 18, 2000, 16:55 hrs »
A couple of months ago when I upgraded my home computer to Win ME, My Quantex computer lost its capability to play DVD movies. The software DVD decoder was not included on my Q computer driver CD.

Today I bought MGI Soft DVD MAX Version 4 software in CompUSA for $36.00 with $35.00 rebate. It's such a simple install that doesn't even need a reboote. The picture that's played back is much smoother than that's decoded by the Ravisent Cinemaster from Q's OEM version.

I am very happy now. If you are a Q owner out of luck as I was, (I could only use my DVD player as a regular CD-ROM drive) here's what $1 wonder that could eventually happen to you.