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Bookmarks Validator: AM-DeadLinks
« on: Feb 02, 2002, 07:48 PM »
Bookmarks Validator for Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape

AM-DeadLink 1.31 - freeware from Martin Aignesberger

Download AM-DeadLink - 440KB ZIP file -  28-Oct-2001

If you read the Langa List last week, then you may know about this one already. This is another simple and useful cleanup utility.

You probably use bookmarks (favorites) to find the way along the internet. If you do much browsing, that list of bookmarks can get long, and riddled with invalid bookmarks to old URLs that should be weeded out. Rather than go through each bookmarked link one by one, looking for dead ones, you can do it automagically with AM-DeadLink. This function is already available in Netscape Navigator 4.x, but not yet in Mozilla / Netscape 6, nor in Internet Explorer, nor Opera.

In AM-DeadLink, the bookmarks list is sortable by any column heading: name, URL, error, folder. It will first scan the bookmarks (favorites) for whichever browser you wish. It opens up to 30 connections, so it scans fast. Then you can delete the invalid ones. If you aren't sure whether to delete, doubleclick on the bookmark, and a browser pane opens in the same page, so you can check it visually. It will also find duplicate bookmarks, and it can back up sets of bookmarks in a zip file.

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