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Many strange things happening since HDD space ran out


I'm running Windows XP.

After Windows Update made the XP partition completely run out of space ("0 byte" it said) during the last installation finishing up, the updater stalled for a while and then said that it can't install the last update, so i got back like 30 MB or so after that.

After a restart, everything is wacko. Started-up applications show messages about starting for the first time and giving me instructions for how to use them, i can't log in to ANY chat client because they say that my passwords are wrong, websites are slow, Dungeon Siege 2 playing online says that it has different content compared to other players so i cant join their servers and they cant join mine, hell, there's not even a party loading for me in there, and still i can start a server without a character! The thing is, NO files are missing. All files are in place as they should and there's no clear reason why all this is happening.

FIrst time this ever happened all my life, on any computer. Have anyone experienced or even heard or read about something like this before? I have no idea what to do!

I have not come across this before so don't really know what to advise, other than to ask if you have a recent restore point that you could try?



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