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Michael's Last Act
« on: Jul 07, 2009, 07:17 AM »
Michael Jackson has left the planet, so will have to see how his final act "To Live and Die In LA" goes.  Maybe the Jackson 4 will perform. 

I wouldn't be surprised if it's all really an act, and he's still alive.  Shoot, the guy was a Zombie back when he had a hit album.   Or if he is dead, I could see LaToya dressing up like him and playing his part in that big tour of England. I wonder if Buff and Chandler had tickets for that thing.

Now that it's figured he wasn't the father of his children, and the mother wasn't the mother but was a surrogate mother, then I'm thinking Madonna and Angelina will be fighting over custody of the kids.  You know, he did say "The kid is not my son."  Or maybe the mom really is that Billie Jean person.

No, not Billie Jean King.  It's weird that she and Elton John are looking more and more alike.  Elton John shows up to play at celebrity funerals, so maybe he'll perform.  He and George Michael ought to do a cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It."  That'd go over big.  Unless Brittany and Madonna do it again.

I hope Mark feels better and he can watch it, or at least tape it.  There will probably be some controversy involved.  The DEA is investigating the whole thing, figuring there could be a whitewash.  I heard they had to use dental records to identify him, since he wasn't recognizable.

There's days I could use a shot of demerol mixed with botox; just stick it right into my forehead...  Especially when watching ET, after somebody's died.  They'll work Farrah into the report of Michael's goodbye, I'd expect. 

There's gonna be elephants at Staple Center too, I read.  Somehow that seems appropriate.  And Liz Taylor. 

You know what'd be ironic... if they guy who owns the elephants got Michael's remains.  (wait for it... wait for it...)
Debbie Rowe isn't going to show, according to the latest.  She basically told the reporters to beat it.  I don't know if Lisa Marie is gonna be there.  Shoot, most of these people haven't been anywhere near The King of Pop for years, from what I can tell.  The last performance I remember was that Superbowl Halftime.  Another dead guy who's performed there, along with Keith Richards.  I might count Springsteen too, going by his last CD.  What a throw-away.

I don't know who's the King of Pop, now.  Maybe Justin Timberlake.  Or what's his name, who stole Idol this year.  Not like it matters. 

Ace; they should have the Vienna Boys Choir sing today for his send-off.  That'd be fitting.

Ring bells for service.