Author Topic: Standardizing mainboard LED, PWR, Reset, HD LED, and SPKR Connections  (Read 626 times)

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I do not understand why mainboard manufacturers do not standardize a multiple function micro-power plug connector that has everything on one connector.  They have standardized power supply to mainboard connectors.  Since all of the front panel connections are within one inch of each other on the boards, why not just gang them together in one standard array and let case manufacturers standardize a plug to connect to the array.  I hate having to get a magnifying glass and to try to determine what the small print is on those micro-plugs.  Those functions that are not supplied by the mainboard would simply be left empty on the array.  It would save a lot of time and mis-connected wiring, in addition to making it better organized.  There seems to be no standard nomenclature either.  On more than one occasion, I have had to just plug everything in that I was relatively sure about and then sort through the rest, not good at all.
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Asus have already gone some way toward doing this - with some of their modern boards they supply a connector for the case connections.  You terminate the case wires into the connector which is then easy to connect/disconnect to/from the mainboard.

A standard connector for case looms and mainboards would be ideal but not easy I fear.

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I wish the connections were standardized also, but I do love the ASUS adapter block, which I used in my relatively recent ASUS mobo build.

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