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Utility: TreeSize
« on: Aug 25, 2001, 10:15 PM »
TreeSize V1.51

"Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough."

Download KB)

Problem: You routinely transfer files to removable media with limited capacity. Windows Explorer inconveniently fails to display the size of an entire folder, so you don't know if the folders you want to copy will fit on that floppy/Zip disk/CD-R.

Solution: Tree Size for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 by Joachim Marder of JAM Software is a freeware (postcardware, actually) tool that shows the size of the folders on your computer.

It is very simple to use - select a directory to scan, and TreeSize shows the size of its folders and subfolders as either percentage of the directory or in bytes used. Even better, just right-click a folder or drive and choose TreeSize to see its size, including subfolders. You can also filter certain files by extension, sort by name or size, and print.

TreeSize does its one main task well, and it has a few extra bells. It will show wasted space - how many bytes are in use by the file system, but not actually used for data storage. It can also predict how your hard disk would look like with a different cluster size.

For a $30 single license, you can download TreeSize Professional, which is intended for business users. Its additional features include:

    * View, print, and export detailed reports and 3D charts

    * Search for old, big, temporary and internet browser cache files

    * Export the collected data to Excel, a text or HTML file, or to the clipboard

    * Export a list of all files in the scanned folder and its subfolders, for example for use in a database

    * See the last access and last change date of every folder and file

    * Clean up your windows directory and delete unused files and DLLs

    * Online help and user's manual

    * Updates downloadable free if you register

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