Author Topic: discussion helped me find the Bluetooth Technology I needed  (Read 895 times)

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Recently I wrote to enquire what gadget can give me wireless connection between my laptop and the regular house telephone wire to connect to the internet.

Moderator Chandler and the other replies helped steered me in the right direction.  I eventually purchased a Bluetooth USB dongle (thumb size) that sticks into the laptop USB port, and a Zoom Bluetooth dial-up modem that connects to the telephone wall jack.  Now I can take the laptop outside the building up to 300 feet away and still dial up to the wireless modem that is connected to the phone jack indoors, and that is despite a concrete wall in between - amazing isn't it?  So I now enjoy wireless internet surfing without DSL or Cable.  The 2 gadgets cost me total of $100, but I'm pleased to get this mobility without much hassle.

It certainly helps to be able to "air" some issue with people of some interest.  

Thanks for making this Poasters Forum available.