Author Topic: Separate Account for Computer "Stuff"  (Read 976 times)

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Separate Account for Computer "Stuff"
« on: Jan 04, 2004, 07:15 PM »
I know there are a lot of you who would really like to upgrade your computer(s) more than you do, but money is the big problem.  

My wife suggested the following to me:

1)  Open a separate bank account with different access numbers from your primary account.
2)  Throw you "spare" change into a "box" at the end of the day and put it into the special account when it accumulates a bit.  Also, add a few bucks each week to the account.
3)  Keep the account small, say, less than $300.00 max so you will not lose much in the unlikely but possible event that someone hacks into your account from your online purchasing.  
4)  Get a debit card for the account and use it only on reputable sites that are established so you will not be stuck with a purchase from a site that just "bit the dust" before they shipped to you.  Debit accounts are not insured, but they have the benefit of protecting you by not allowing over-draws.  You must still be vigilant because if you lose money because of your own carelessness and have to cancel your debit card, your right to another debit card will be revoked.  Credit cards are insured, but they also have unrealistically high caps that allow a lot of cash that you do not even have to disappear in a hurry.

Since my wife suggested this procedure, I now have the liberty of controlling that aspect of purchases without her asking me where this and that went and for what.  It just makes for better control, a better relationship, and more flexibility to make purchases as you need them.  It also makes for better a computer, if you stick with the plan.  ;)