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Sharing Your Knowledge
« on: Oct 23, 2003, 07:25 PM »
Hey query I am really impressed by the quality answers you are able to provide and wondering how you have gained all this knowledge regarding laptops. Is there a bible out there that you have as a reference guide? I suppose a great deal may have come from owning and simply working with them. Instead of my continuing to guess at what the answer might be, why not let us all know in the event we may want to aspire to the heights you have managed to reach.

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Re:Sharing Your Knowledge
« Reply #1 on: Oct 30, 2003, 06:12 AM »
Query's amazing, isn't he?  I'd also be interested in where/how he learned so much.

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Re:Sharing Your Knowledge
« Reply #2 on: Oct 30, 2003, 04:43 PM »
Thanks - but those are due all the Poasters moderators as well!

The best way to learn about computers - laptop or otherwise - is by doing.  I am not a computer person by training -- I'm a chemist, or more precisely, a materials scientist who made a turn four years ago into information technology.  What started out as part of my graduate work (comptuers and networking) turned into a profession - or part of it anyway, since I still teach chemistry as well.

Keep reading, asking and answering questions -- that's the best way to learn and keep up with the dyamic field of computers and information technology.